Using Eulogy Examples for Dad
Guidance for Writing Strong, Personal Father Eulogies

The loss of a father can be tragic, and this is why there are so many eulogy examples for Dad available online and in books and magazines. Anyone who has dad to deliver a eulogy speech knows how difficult it can be when you are in mourning for someone you love; there is no shame at all in reaching out for a little help.

When seeking out eulogy examples for Dad, remember that these are not “one size fits all” speeches. You may find several eulogy samples that are organized in a way that you prefer, but you will still need to infuse your own personal feelings, experiences, and stories into the speech; eulogy examples for Dad will need a personal touch to make it appropriate and unique.

Start by writing an outline. You may want to include some or all of the topics.

• Information about what made your dad special or unique. Talk about his life, what he did for a living, and what he did for fun.

• A couple of stories about experiences you and he shared. These may be touchingly emotional or even humorous. Do not be afraid to make people laugh. It lightens the mood and cuts the tension that is so often present at a funeral service. You can find eulogy examples for Dad that show how to incorporate both.

• A quote or two from a favorite book or movie of your dad’s. In eulogy examples for Father, you will find that you want to inject as much of his persona into your speech as possible. If he loved John Wayne or Bruce Willis, John Candy or W.C. Fields, find a quote or an event from a favorite movie to honor him.

• Include a reading from scripture. Unless your family is atheist, your religion will certainly play a part in the service. You may use scripture for two reasons: 1) quote a favorite scripture of your father’s and talk about what it had meant to him, and 2) quote from scripture words that will comfort those who are grieving his loss. Most eulogy examples for Father will include multiple appropriate scriptures from which to choose.

• Use pictures, slides, and music, as appropriate; eulogy examples for Dad exist with a number of different support devices for your speech. You can talk about a few of them and have them available for the funeral attendees to look at before and after the service.

Where to Look

The first place to look for eulogy examples for Dad is the internet. A quick search using any of a number of different search engines will reveal a wide range of eulogy examples for Father from which you can draw ideas and organizational advice.

You may also talk with your minister or funeral director; he or she can likely give you some materials to use for eulogy examples for Dad. This person will understand the situation you are in and be able to offer guidance as well as emotional support as you sift through your eulogy examples for Father.


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