Eulogy Examples for Mom
Writing and Delivering a Fitting Tribute using a Eulogy Writing Guide

There are ample amounts of eulogy examples for Mom available through multiple resources. If you have been given the challenge of delivering the funeral speech or eulogy for your mother, you do not have to feel like you are on your own. Take the time to peruse the internet or talk with your minister and you will find some very helpful eulogy examples for Mom that will get you started and guide your way.

A Example Format

You may choose to use one or more eulogy examples for Mom to write your speech. Here are the steps you could take, as is outlined by one eulogy sample:

• Open your eulogy with a favorite memory of yourself and your mother. This could be a memory from when you were a child, or it could be something that happened within the last couple of months. Describe your feelings about her and about the experience you shared and talk about the significance experiences like these have had on your life.

• Next discuss your mother’s personality and character. You will find this step in most eulogy examples for Mother because it brings you, the speaker, and your listeners so close to the deceased as you remember her together. Talk about her values, her strengths, and her passions. Only talk about your mother as she was at her best. This is not a time to bring up old arguments, grudges, or mishaps.

• Your closing statements could be statements of thankfulness. Consult a few eulogy examples for Mother for ideas about how to write this. You can talk about what your mother has done for you, whether that was supporting you emotionally through college, helping you through a difficult period in your life, or celebrating your successes with you. The point here is to point out the positive impact she has had on your life.

Alternative Eulogy Examples for Mother

Of course, this is not the only option you have. Every speaker is different, just as every mother is different. Here are some other elements you may want to include:

• Many eulogy examples for Mom will include a quote from the Bible or the religious Book that is appropriate to your family and the funeral proceedings. The words of our faith give strength and comfort, and if your mother was a religious woman, quotes from scripture will also honor her.

• You may also include quotes from other venues: poems, books, songs, or even movies. As you will find in eulogy examples for Mom, these quotes should be kept short and they should relate directly to your mother; perhaps the quote is from a favorite movie or book, or perhaps the quote very closely describes your mother’s attributes and characteristics.

• Some eulogy examples for Mother address the deceased. You must be sure that you are able to do this without losing control of your emotions. If it works for you, talk to her and tell her how you have felt about her through the years, and how you will miss her now that she has gone.

• Remember that your eulogy is a personal statement of love and mourning, so no matter what eulogy examples for Mom you use, be sure to add your personal feelings and thoughts.


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