Example Eulogy for Aunt
Using Poetry & Examples to Create a Unique and Memorable Eulogy for an Aunt

Delivering a eulogy during a memorial service is always a great opportunity for recently passed loved ones to be remembered. Aunts serve as important figures in our lives, just like mothers and sisters, which is why you will want to write a eulogy that will truly honor your aunt and the life she lived. Although eulogies are mostly found in prose and speech form, nowadays, it is becoming quite popular to incorporate poems in eulogies. By taking a look at a eulogy example for an aunt that uses poetry, you can easily learn how to incorporate poetical elements into your own piece.

There are several reasons why people choose to incorporate poetry into their eulogies. For some, if poetry happened to be a passion of the deceased, they feel that the inclusion of a poetic piece is only fitting. If the deceased happens to have written some poetical works during his or her lifetime, one of these works are often chosen to be included in the eulogy. Another reason for including poetry is that some find that a particular poem can best capture what they desire to express. Some people find grace in poetry, which seems to be the perfect way for them to express their deepest emotions during their time of grief. In the best eulogy examples for an aunt that contain poetry, you will observe that poems have the power to communicate to the very souls of the readers or listeners.

Taking a look at a well-written eulogy example for an aunt, you will find that poetry used will generally carry certain characteristics. A good eulogy example for an aunt will ensure that the included poem is appropriate for the occasion. Poems that carry very sad, depressing, and negative tones are to be avoided. Instead, poems that talk about hope and optimism should be used. Some eulogy examples for an aunt make use of poems that talk about the beauty of life after death.

Don’t be afraid to take a look at eulogy examples for an aunt that use poetry. Also, feel free to inject some creativity into your speech. Using a poem in your eulogy doesn’t necessarily imply that you were unable to come up with your own words for your piece. Instead, poetry adds a touch of magic to your speech and brings a sentimental and uplifting air to your eulogy.


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