How to Write a Eulogy Mother Would Love

Of all the dear loved ones for whom you might one day be called upon to write a eulogy, mother’s eulogies are perhaps the most heartbreaking. After all, this was the woman who bandaged your skinned knees when you fell off your bike, and who made you chicken soup and rubbed your back when you weren’t feeling well. The woman who was always there to comfort and support you…and who, if she was like most mothers, occasionally had to kick your butt to keep you in line. Motherhood is at the same time both one of the most thankless jobs, and the most rewarding – and she was everything you could have hoped for in a mother, and more. So how do you write a eulogy mother would approve of?

By remembering all of those little details about her, you’re already halfway there. Start by writing them all down in a list of bullet points. When the mood strikes you, expand upon one of those bullet points, detailing a poignant memory you have of your mother that really captures who she was as an individual. If you have brothers and sisters, be sure to elicit their advice as to the type and tone of a eulogy mother would want. This is your chance to let the world know what a beautiful soul your mother was, and how her devotion and caring shaped the person you’ve become.

Finally, remember that as long as you say things that would make your mother smile, you can’t go wrong.

Writing Your Father’s Eulogy

If you’re writing a eulogy for father, eulogy for mother, or eulogy for any other close family member, you likely have a number of other details weighing heavily on your shoulders.  You’re likely trying to make funeral arrangements, if your loved one didn’t pre-plan.  If the passing was unexpected, you’re probably trying to make emergency arrangements at work, or find care for your children while you deal with everything else.  Perhaps you need to make travel arrangements and find accommodations for more distant friends and loved ones.  But just take a deep breath and try to relax, because you can get through all of this, and still write your father a eulogy so heartfelt and touching that it would do him proud.

Start by compiling a list of memories that really capture the essence of your dad, and seeing where they take you.  Talk to your brothers and sisters, if you have any, to make sure you include their thoughts.  You’ll likely find that even talking about him sparks memories of things you haven’t thought about in ages, and that you’ll not only come up with a wealth of details you can include in father’s eulogy, but will also find comfort in reminiscing, as well.  And remember, those are memories you’ll hold with you always.  You will pass along stories of his greatness, his strength of character, perhaps his sense of humor, to your children and grandchildren, for years to come.  He will live forever through you – and there’s no more comforting thought than that.

Why You Should Choose a Quality Guide over a Free Eulogy Online

While there are many websites out there offering the promise of a free eulogy, be careful before you send one straight to the printer and consider yourself set.  The eulogy you give at a loved one’s funeral should be taken from the heart, not downloaded from the Internet.

In order to write a touching, meaningful, heartfelt eulogy, what you really need to do it to write it yourself, not use a free eulogy that could be meant for anyone.  And you don’t need to worry, because it isn’t as difficult as you might think.  Your best bet is to purchase a quality guide as a resource.  A good, comprehensive guide will lead you step by step through the entire process of writing a eulogy unique to your loved one.  It will answer the questions you no doubt already have, as well as questions you might not even know you have yet.

A free eulogy won’t include the story about the time you went canoeing with your father and capsized the boat trying to reach the water bottle.  It won’t know how your otherwise graceful mother was a terrible dancer, or how every time your sister laughed, tears streamed down her cheeks.  It’s those sorts of little details that really make a funeral speech special.  You won’t get that level of individuality from a stock speech written in a general sense.

While it’s helpful to read examples of eulogies, when composing your own speech, stick to your own devices and speak from the heart.

The Dangers of Free Eulogies Online

When it comes to composing the speech meant to honor your dearly departed loved one’s life and legacy, you should be wary of any free eulogies you might find on the Internet. Let’s face it – no one knew your loved one like you did. And no stock speech is going to match the level of quality and love that will shine through in a eulogy you compose yourself. The trick is simply finding the write guide to lead you through this process, one that understands your particular needs and concerns at this, the most trying of times.

While it is tempting to simply copy one of the free eulogies you find online – after all, you’ve just lost someone dear to you – you should be sure to explore your options first. The most important thing to keep in mind now is that, contrary to what you might be thinking, writing a eulogy speech is actually a cathartic experience. To be given a chance to reflect upon your loved one’s life, to share with other friends and family members just what the dearly departed meant to you, is a rare honor that you should not only accept, but embrace.

Finally, personally composed funeral speeches have something no free eulogies will ever have – they’ve got heart. So rather than stress it, get yourself a good, quality guide, talk to some other friends and loved ones to get their input, and write your loved one’s eulogy yourself. After it’s all said and done, you’ll be glad you did.

How to Write a Eulogy – Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Oftentimes, in the immediate aftermath of the passing of a loved one, many people find themselves in the position of wondering how to write a eulogy. It seems almost unfair to ask you to think clearly at a time like this – let alone to think creatively and poignantly.  But writing a eulogy doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think.  In fact, as soon as you get started you’re likely to discover that it will help you come to terms with your own loss, and remind you just what a funeral service is all about – to celebrate the life and legacy of the dearly departed.

The biggest question most have as to to how to write a eulogy is how to get started.  So, why not start by making bullet points of memories – even moments, or flashes of memories – of your loved one.  Some of those memories are bound to spark other memories, and before you know it, you’ll have the perfect anecdote that demonstrates a key aspect of the dearly departed’s personality.  And in the meantime, you’ll certainly find comfort in taking a trip down memory lane.

And if you’re still concerned about how to write a eulogy, you should consider purchasing a high quality guide that will lead you step by step through the entire process.  Because remember – writing a eulogy is more than just one more chore in the funeral arrangement process.  It’s an honor – one of the greatest you can receive.  So embrace it, and speak from the heart.

How to use Sample Eulogies Effectively

When you’ve agreed to write a loved one’s funeral speech, you might want to start getting some ideas by looking at a few sample eulogies. It is important to keep in mind that these are just samples – the speech you eventually write should be personalized and from the heart – but by reading several sample eulogies you can get a benchmark of what you like, what doesn’t sit right with you, and what you think might really resonate with your dearly departed’s friends and family.

Like so many other things in life, when it comes to funeral speeches, one size doesn’t fit all.  You need to tailor your approach to your loved one.  Be sure to check that you understand the dynamics of the funeral service.  Are others also planning to speak?  If so, are there overall time constraints?  No doubt you could speak at length about you loved ones rich life and meaningful accomplishments – but perhaps, especially if others plan to say a few words, you should keep the eulogy short and poignant.  Stick to a few of your favorite anecdotes, along with some heartfelt words about your loved one him or herself.

And that’s where using sample eulogies can really come in handy.  Many people have a lot of trouble expressing their own emotions in words.  It’s just this sort of language that you might look to a sample eulogy to provide.  That’s okay, understandable, even – and most quality eulogy guides will provide numerous samples from which you can choose.

How to Use a Eulogy Example Correctly

When it comes to writing a funeral speech, a eulogy example can be a helpful tool to get you started. By reading eulogies others have written, or even thinking back to eulogies you yourself have heard in the past, you can determine what it was in particular that made those eulogies special, or unique. And while you shouldn’t take those parts of sample eulogies and automatically apply them to the one you’re composing – after all, the funeral speech you give should be as unique as the loved one whose life and legacy you have all gathered to celebrate – you can certainly take aspects of speeches that you like, and tweak them to fit your own special circumstances.

While eulogy examples are both useful and often available online, you should be careful of your source. Your best bet is always to go with a reputable, high quality guide, which will lead you step by step through the process of writing a loved one’s eulogy. All too often people tasked with writing a eulogy find a eulogy example online and copy it almost word for word, when what you really want to do is speak from the heart. A eulogy with heart and emotion – that’s maybe not worded as perfectly as something you could have downloaded – is always preferable to a stock speech anyone can access.

And most importantly, remember that this isn’t about you, or the speech that you’re making. It’s about celebrating the life of someone who touched so many others.