How to Use a Eulogy Example Correctly

When it comes to writing a funeral speech, a eulogy example can be a helpful tool to get you started. By reading eulogies others have written, or even thinking back to eulogies you yourself have heard in the past, you can determine what it was in particular that made those eulogies special, or unique. And while you shouldn’t take those parts of sample eulogies and automatically apply them to the one you’re composing – after all, the funeral speech you give should be as unique as the loved one whose life and legacy you have all gathered to celebrate – you can certainly take aspects of speeches that you like, and tweak them to fit your own special circumstances.

While eulogy examples are both useful and often available online, you should be careful of your source. Your best bet is always to go with a reputable, high quality guide, which will lead you step by step through the process of writing a loved one’s eulogy. All too often people tasked with writing a eulogy find a eulogy example online and copy it almost word for word, when what you really want to do is speak from the heart. A eulogy with heart and emotion – that’s maybe not worded as perfectly as something you could have downloaded – is always preferable to a stock speech anyone can access.

And most importantly, remember that this isn’t about you, or the speech that you’re making. It’s about celebrating the life of someone who touched so many others.