How to use Sample Eulogies Effectively

When you’ve agreed to write a loved one’s funeral speech, you might want to start getting some ideas by looking at a few sample eulogies. It is important to keep in mind that these are just samples – the speech you eventually write should be personalized and from the heart – but by reading several sample eulogies you can get a benchmark of what you like, what doesn’t sit right with you, and what you think might really resonate with your dearly departed’s friends and family.

Like so many other things in life, when it comes to funeral speeches, one size doesn’t fit all.  You need to tailor your approach to your loved one.  Be sure to check that you understand the dynamics of the funeral service.  Are others also planning to speak?  If so, are there overall time constraints?  No doubt you could speak at length about you loved ones rich life and meaningful accomplishments – but perhaps, especially if others plan to say a few words, you should keep the eulogy short and poignant.  Stick to a few of your favorite anecdotes, along with some heartfelt words about your loved one him or herself.

And that’s where using sample eulogies can really come in handy.  Many people have a lot of trouble expressing their own emotions in words.  It’s just this sort of language that you might look to a sample eulogy to provide.  That’s okay, understandable, even – and most quality eulogy guides will provide numerous samples from which you can choose.