How to Write a Eulogy Mother Would Love

Of all the dear loved ones for whom you might one day be called upon to write a eulogy, mother’s eulogies are perhaps the most heartbreaking. After all, this was the woman who bandaged your skinned knees when you fell off your bike, and who made you chicken soup and rubbed your back when you weren’t feeling well. The woman who was always there to comfort and support you…and who, if she was like most mothers, occasionally had to kick your butt to keep you in line. Motherhood is at the same time both one of the most thankless jobs, and the most rewarding – and she was everything you could have hoped for in a mother, and more. So how do you write a eulogy mother would approve of?

By remembering all of those little details about her, you’re already halfway there. Start by writing them all down in a list of bullet points. When the mood strikes you, expand upon one of those bullet points, detailing a poignant memory you have of your mother that really captures who she was as an individual. If you have brothers and sisters, be sure to elicit their advice as to the type and tone of a eulogy mother would want. This is your chance to let the world know what a beautiful soul your mother was, and how her devotion and caring shaped the person you’ve become.

Finally, remember that as long as you say things that would make your mother smile, you can’t go wrong.