The Dangers of Free Eulogies Online

When it comes to composing the speech meant to honor your dearly departed loved one’s life and legacy, you should be wary of any free eulogies you might find on the Internet. Let’s face it – no one knew your loved one like you did. And no stock speech is going to match the level of quality and love that will shine through in a eulogy you compose yourself. The trick is simply finding the write guide to lead you through this process, one that understands your particular needs and concerns at this, the most trying of times.

While it is tempting to simply copy one of the free eulogies you find online – after all, you’ve just lost someone dear to you – you should be sure to explore your options first. The most important thing to keep in mind now is that, contrary to what you might be thinking, writing a eulogy speech is actually a cathartic experience. To be given a chance to reflect upon your loved one’s life, to share with other friends and family members just what the dearly departed meant to you, is a rare honor that you should not only accept, but embrace.

Finally, personally composed funeral speeches have something no free eulogies will ever have – they’ve got heart. So rather than stress it, get yourself a good, quality guide, talk to some other friends and loved ones to get their input, and write your loved one’s eulogy yourself. After it’s all said and done, you’ll be glad you did.