Writing Your Father’s Eulogy

If you’re writing a eulogy for father, eulogy for mother, or eulogy for any other close family member, you likely have a number of other details weighing heavily on your shoulders.  You’re likely trying to make funeral arrangements, if your loved one didn’t pre-plan.  If the passing was unexpected, you’re probably trying to make emergency arrangements at work, or find care for your children while you deal with everything else.  Perhaps you need to make travel arrangements and find accommodations for more distant friends and loved ones.  But just take a deep breath and try to relax, because you can get through all of this, and still write your father a eulogy so heartfelt and touching that it would do him proud.

Start by compiling a list of memories that really capture the essence of your dad, and seeing where they take you.  Talk to your brothers and sisters, if you have any, to make sure you include their thoughts.  You’ll likely find that even talking about him sparks memories of things you haven’t thought about in ages, and that you’ll not only come up with a wealth of details you can include in father’s eulogy, but will also find comfort in reminiscing, as well.  And remember, those are memories you’ll hold with you always.  You will pass along stories of his greatness, his strength of character, perhaps his sense of humor, to your children and grandchildren, for years to come.  He will live forever through you – and there’s no more comforting thought than that.