Who Else Wants to Instantly Craft a Compelling Eulogy Speech that Captivates, Enlightens, and Soothes a Mourning Audience?

.Here's how you can quickly and easily have your own custom, heartfelt eulogy speech created in a matter of minutes.  Discover how to walk away from the podium leave yourself and your audience complete... Introducing Eulogies Made Easy -- a concise, fluff-free eulogy writing kit that makes the worst eulogy writers great and the most bashful speakers brilliant..

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Mark and Margaret - Eulogy writing and speaking experts.

From the Desk of:

Margaret W. Marquisi & Rev. Mark Long
622 Grand Ave., New Hope,

Dear Friend,

First off, we are truly sorry for your loss.. and we offer you our utmost condolences. Losing someone close to you is one of the hardest things in life. Losing someone you love is incredibly devastating and the events afterward can be filled with immense stress and deep remorse.

Likely you’ve arrived at this site because you’ve been asked to write a eulogy speech. I have some important questions for you. Think carefully as you answer…

  • Have you ever stood up to a microphone in an attempt to something heartfelt and meaningful, yet when you’ve attempted to do so, the words have come out completely wrong?
  • Have you ever attempted to craft a message that truly speaks from the heart, yet bringing the words together to create an excellent speech has been a complete disaster?
  • Are you apprehensive about your upcoming eulogy speech as you fear you’ll not use the proper etiquette and format – all while making it a celebratory memoir of the person’s life?
  • Can you remember a time when you’ve wanted to put together a story, poem, or memoir, yet were unable to find a clear way to effectively and powerfully begin and end it?
  • Does the thought of speaking in front of a mourning audience cause immense anxiety, fear or frustration?
  • Do you secretly fear that you’ll never come off as confident… and that many people will see right through your public speaking fears?
  • Do you feel that you are truly interesting inside, yet when you speak you feel your words lack color and sophistication?
  • Do you fear that you’ll possibly break down in tears during your funeral speech?
If you’ve answered “YES” to any of the above questions, then I have some very important news for you…

You are NOT alone — almost everyone has these feelings and its completely natural.

In fact, the above statements were common concerns that we along with thousands of other people have faced.

It’s a fact: Writing a eulogy speech takes a large amount of time, thought, and preparation. Public speaking is the #1 fear (aside from death) amongst most people — and writing and presenting a funeral speech may be the most difficult speech you’ll ever have to prepare for.

But Presenting a Funeral Speech Doesn’t Have to Be a Stressful Grief-Filled Event…
Instead, Discover How to Quickly and Easily Make it An Event of Happiness and Remembrance! Here’s How…

Between the two of us (Mark and myself), we’ve been to to many funerals. One thing we’ve discovered is that although a funeral is often sad and socially stressful event, nothing heightens the mood more than a wonderfully written and spoken eulogy / funeral speech.

We’ve seen funeral speeches that are true genuine celebrations of life — and we’re often amazed how well some people can speak.

A eulogy (funeral speech) is a great way to re-live the memories that the person brought into our lives. It’s a joyous celebration of the life-chapters we’ve enjoyed with them… If it is done right.

You see, most people find it quite overwhelming to deliver a meaningful and potent funeral speech – especially in front of a crowd of mourning people.

That is why the two of us have created a product to help you ease the pain of writing and presenting a funeral speech. The product is called Eulogies Made Easy.

Why listen to us, you’re wondering? Well, I, Margaret, am not Tony Robbins or any self-help genius, but I feel well versed in the area of writing. I’ve written well over 50 published articles on eulogy writing and presentation (at EzineArticles.com) and I majored in creative writing in college.

Perhaps not amazing things — but I also am passionate about marketing and feel I am quite qualified at getting a message across — clearly, efficiently… and with heart.

Mark Long, the co-author of Eulogies Made Easy, has been a practicing pastor for over 15 years. Throughout his career, he’s literally been involved with hundreds of funerals. At one point he was the “on call” pastor for a number of funeral homes because he connected so well to the bereaved families.

.Pastor Mark Long performing a eulogy in fron to his congregation and a photo of Mark Long after a funeral speech..

Together, we’ve combined our own knowledge and experiences to create a compilation of cream-of-the-crop information on this topic…

And we’ve bundled it into a useful package of information that can get you moving right away — quickly and easily…

But enough about us, lets step back a moment and examine why you’re here…

You’ve Likely Arrived At This Website Because…
  • You’re Nervous and Filled with Grief and Anxiety. You’ve decided to write and present a eulogy speech, but do not know where to start and what to include.
  • You Want a Remarkable Speech. You do not want a forgotten eulogy speech – you want to present a speech that is as unique, special, and memorable as the deceased was. You want to pay the deceased and their family your ultimate respect.
  • Most “Help” Is Inadequate. You’ve searched the internet and found that all the ‘free’ information is not up to par. It seems recycled, canned, unprofessional and insincere.
  • You Feel Lost and Overwhelmed. You are uncertain of the writing process of well-written eulogy… or you’re not completely confident with your writing. You desire structure and outside help from someone who knows what they’re doing and has experience in the writing field.
  • You Want to be 100% Genuine.. Because You Are. If you’re anything like me (and I think you are), you want to illustrate the true feelings that you had for this person, and are afraid that you’ll not be able to show it all. You want to deliver a eulogy the shows complete compassion. You want to craft a message that truly honors.

But Ultimately: You Want the Hand-Held Step-by-Step Guidance of a Professional. You want to have a crisp, clear eulogy writing guide written by people who know what they’re doing. You want the over-the-shoulder encouragement and clear instruction from ‘veterans’ who know the ropes. And that is why we are here for you!

Inside Eulogies Made Easy You’ll Quickly Discover the Tricks and Tips to Writing an Indelible Eulogy Speech That Will Remain in Hearts and Minds Forever
Here’s How You’ll Instantly Benefit from Eulogies Made Easy:
  • You’ll Save Massive Amounts of Time – Because of their importance, most eulogies take many hours to construct, and many more hours to revise and finalize. Researching the proper way to write a eulogy can be a grueling, time-stealing process. Our concise packet of information will get you rolling in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show.
  • You’ll Get Full Access to 50 Professionally Written Eulogies – Pick and pull and choose the best parts to make your own remarkable eulogy speech. Not only do you have full access and full rights to each of these eulogies, you’ll also have access the numerous famous eulogies — all at your fingertips for easy inspiration.
  • You’ll Have the Right Words, Every Time – Our speech templates are filled with the qualities that bring out the very best in any great eulogy. By using our words, you can quickly learn to make any speech glisten. So have it your way — either pull bits and pieces from each of the speeches… or use them simply as inspiration for your own masterpiece.
  • You’ll Bring Happiness to a Place of Sorrow – When you present the right eulogy — a eulogy that brings out the positive and great memories of the your loved one – you can completely transform the mood the funeral. This is the truth behind great eulogies – by presenting with heart, you’ll learn how to celebrate your loved one’s life through words.

Try Eulogies Made Easy Right Now – 100% Risk Free

Instantly Download One of the Following 5 Guides Filled with 50 Eulogy Speech Templates and Samples…

.Eulogies Made Easy - Eulogy Writing Course.

In Addition to the Above Guide of Your Choice, You’ll Also Receive ALL of the Following 4 Information-Packed Guides…

.Eulogies Made Easy - Eulogy Writing Course - Additional Guides.

Included Guide #1 – How to Write a Eulogy (in 8 Easy Steps)

A concise, information-packed insider’s guide to everything you must know on writing a eulogy — from the beginning brainstorms to the final polished speech. Quickly learn how to assemble and organize a remarkable, structured eulogy in minutes. Chapters include: The Purpose of the Eulogy, Different Types of Eulogies, Planning the Eulogy, What to Include in the Eulogy, Getting Started: Writing the Eulogy, How to Deliver a Eulogy, 10 Tips for Delivering a Eulogy. (Included $14.97 Value)

Included Guide #2 – Dealing with Remorse

A detailed guide jam-packed with tricks to dealing with the pain of death. Chapters include: The Five Stages of Grief, Dealing with Post Death Tasks, Dealing with Hostile Family Members, Handling the Costs of the Funeral, Ways of Handling Your Grief, Should You Seek Grief Counseling?, Sudden Attacks of Grief, Dealing with Certain Losses (parent, spouse, etc.), what Not to do While Grieving, and Helping Others with Grief. (Included – $14.97 Value)

Included Guide #3 – Famous Eulogies

20+ of the world’s most famous eulogies, guaranteed to inspire and enhance your own writing. (Included – $9.97 Value)

Included Guide #4 – 300 Funeral Poems

A hand-picked collection of striking eulogy poems, sayings and memorable toasts. Use these to top-off your speech or within your speech itself. They also work great for inspiration, poetic wording and your own therapy. (Included – $9.97 Value)

Eulogies Made Easy - How to Write a Eulogy CD

ALSO INCLUDED! Book #1 – How to Write a Eulogy – Audio Version

The main guide, How to Write a Eulogy is now also included in the package in audio. Immediately after downloading, you can quickly and easily listen to the MP3 on your portable player or at your computer. This MP3 is included as a part of the package at no additional charge.

That’s Not All We’re Including. Today We’re Giving Away FIVE Extra ‘Cheat-Sheets’ to Help You Write an Awe-Inspiring Eulogy:
Free Eulogy Writing Cheat Sheets - Words of Wisdom
Free “Cheat-Sheets” Packet #1 – Words of Wisdom

100+ wise-sounding words and phrases to give your speech an ear-grabbing level of sophistication and charm.
Free Eulogy Writing Cheat Sheets - Idea Generators
Free “Cheat-Sheets” Packet #2 – Idea Generators

30 “Idea-Generators” on questions to ask a family member of the deceased (or to ask yourself regarding the deceased). The white-hot ‘ideas’ of this sheet are worth the entire cost of this package alone. There is no better way to spark ideas for a meaningful eulogy.
Free Eulogy Writing Cheat Sheets - Secrets to Writing Condolence Letters
Free “Cheat-Sheets” Packet #3 – Inner-Secrets to Writing Condolence Letters

When a death occurs, its critical to pay offer condolences to the families. I created this concise insider’s guide to writing condolences, and am including it with your purchase of Eulogies Made Easy for free. Includes the 3 Simple Steps to Condolence Writing (Part I), 11 Things to NEVER Do (Part II), and 12 Pre-Made Examples of Condolence Notes / Letters (Part III).
Free Eulogy Writing Chat Sheets - How to Avoid Crying During Your Funeral Speech
Free “Cheat-Sheets” Packet #4 – How to Avoid Crying During Your Eulogy Speech – 12 Tips

Let’s admit it — presenting a funeral speech can be a tough task. This guide reveals 12 simple tricks that’ll allow you to greatly deal with crying during your speech.
Free Eulogy Writing Cheat Sheets - Mega Memorization
Free “Cheat-Sheets” Packet #5 – 12 Super Tips to Mega Memorization

Ever say something you’ve anticipated saying, but later on remember that you forgot to include some very valuable things? A eulogy is not a time to mess up! This simple 4-page guide will allow you to remember every detail of your speech with minimal efforts.

Write a Captivating Funeral Speech in Minutes – Click Here to Download Our Product Right Now

Inside the Guides You’ll Discover These Dozens of Tips and Tactics to Crafting and Presenting a Compelling, Crowd-Pleasing Speech:
  • The truth behind funeral etiquette — while some parts of it are important, and why other parts do not really matter.
  • The tricks-of-the-trade on the format of a eulogy — what structure is appropriate and what is not.
  • How to explore the entire persona of the deceased to make a eulogy speech meaningful and from the heart… and never boring.
  • How to write a eulogy for someone you were never close with — and how to make the very best of this situation (and still come off as 100% respectful and genuine)..
  • How to ‘burn’ your eulogy speech into your brain to have razor-sharp mega-memorization — so virtually no notes and cheat sheets are needed.
  • How to seamlessly open and close your speech.. (And more importantly: How to forever keep the audience’s attention during the middle of your speech).
  • 12 coveted tricks on how to avoid crying and breaking down during the speech — but also when and where its accepted and completely healthy.
  • Inner secrets on how to accept the death of a loved one — and how to help others with death — All in a few simple, compact steps.
  • 8 easy steps in how to hammer-out a winning, heartfelt speech in the shortest amount of time.
  • Why sprinkling in __________ will bring your speech to an unsurpassed level of respect and sophistication.
  • How to use Heart Communication 101: How to dig deep and to into the hearts of others by speaking with your own feelings and emotions.
  • Several detailed tricks on eulogy format and writing with simplicity and clarity.
  • How to gain an edge over your emotions by writing therapeutically — learn quick tips on how to instantly cope with your pain while writing a wonderful piece.
  • How to improve the sound of your speech by inserting dozens of top-notch hand-picked poems and adjectives.
  • The insider tips of when and how to use humor in your speech.
Here’s What a Few of Our Previous Customers Have Had To Say…

“I was the only eulogy speaker at a very good friend’s funeral. My son suggested I look on the net.. so I ‘Googled’ ‘Eulogy Speeches’ and it came up with BestEulogySpeeches.com and that was a very lucky thing because I don’t know what I would’ve done without it. I really didn’t think there was anything anyone could do that would help me get it written in the first place and to give it without crying in the second place…. and I manage to do both without too much procrastination.”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Bonnie B., Roosevelt, WA

“I suddenly needed a eulogy by the next day and I was paralyzed and I had no thoughts. So I looked on the Internet… fortunately yours were available and any ideas were worth the price. So I bought it and I was delighted with the ideas…. I particularly enjoyed the list of words because I do not come up with words very easily… some descriptive words to use were very helpful to me.”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Allan C., Denver, CO

“I was asked by my nephews and nieces to give the eulogy for my sister and my first response was ‘I can’t do that’. They asked me to think about it and then I found your website and it totally helped me to put structure to my thoughts and facts… it gave me the confidence to know I could make it through without bawling my eyes out… Obviously, you helped me do a great job as both family and friends were so touched and I was thanked many times over for doing it so well… Thank you again for your wonderful help at such a difficult topic as this!I was asked by my nephews and nieces to give the eulogy for my sister and my first response was ‘I can’t do that’. They asked me to think about it and then I found your website and it totally helped me to put structure to my thoughts and facts… it gave me the confidence to know I could make it through without bawling my eyes out… Obviously, you helped me do a great job as both family and friends were so touched and I was thanked many times over for doing it so well… Thank you again for your wonderful help at such a difficult topic as this!”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

D.W. - Canada

“Margaret’s product really helped me out in a bind. I’ve never done a eulogy before — I was stuck and on top of that I was filled with grief — so it was really hard. The guide got me on track and I ended up with a really great eulogy — something that made my brother in law’s parents very happy. So that’s what I was trying to do and it got me to do it in a very short order and it actually got me to be able to go through the eulogy and do it without being a blubbering idiot. Thanks very much I greatly appreciate it.”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

M.R., Winnipeg, Canada

>> Click here to check out a survey response from Matthew, another satisfied customer <<

Try Eulogies Made Easy Today and Get These 4 Valuable Digital Guides, 100% Free:
Digital Bonus #1: How to Stop Anxiety Attacks

I am not sure that this book is for everyone, but I thought I’d include it with Eulogies Made Easy as you may have anxiety during these times and also before the eulogy speech. Inside this guide, you’ll discover the following: What is the root of anxiety disorders, the problem with taking prescription anti-anxiety drugs, uncovering panic inducing ‘triggers’, and much more. ($12.97 Value – Included FREE)
Digital Bonus #2: Text to Speech – Captivating Speeches Made Easy

Since the Eulogies Made Easy kit primarily deals with speech writing and public speaking, I wanted to include this guide. Inside this you’ll discover: how to know what your audience expects of you, the way to use body language to your advantage, 12 tips to overcome your fear of public speaking, 24 ways to write a speech that will captivate your audience, 8 ways to use eye contact effectively, and much more. ($11.97 Value – Included FREE)
Digital Bonus #3: How to Gain Confidence

A detailed guide on being the most confident man you can be, and that confidence is all an illusion. This book teaches you everything you need to know about becoming a confident individual. You can learn easily how to exude confidence in everything you do. Important tips include: How to recognize your own low confidence, the inner secrets of confident people, how to market yourself, and much more. ($7.97 Value – Included FREE)
Digital Bonus #4: How to Be a Public Speaking Superstar

This guide reveals how to be a remarkable public speaker. Topics include: The three qualities a public speaker should possess, The 9 steps to creating a powerful speech, How to overcome speech anxiety, How to use language effectively, How to use your speech anxiety to your advantage, and much much more. ($4.97 Value – Included FREE)


Try Eulogies Made Easy Right Now – 100% Risk Free

Our Package is Backed by Our Iron-Clad 365 Day No-Questions Asked Guarantee…
Eulogies Made Easy - Eulogy Writing Course Money Back Guarantee

Eulogies Made Easy – Eulogy Writing Course Money Back Guarantee

Try Eulogies Made Easy Today, , and Also Get My Writing Review / Consultation, Free…

.Order Eulogies Made Easy Today and I will personally review your eulogy / funeral speech..

(Via Email Only. Due to demands from customers, I can only allow 3 emails max per person. 1 person per purchase only.)

You are 3 Keystrokes Away from Discovering the Best Eulogy Writing Techniques, Tricks & Shortcuts Available on the Internet…
Scroll Down and Click “Add to Cart” to Try Eulogies Made Easy Today, 100% Risk-Free! Claim Your Copy Now!

  • I understand I will receive the INSTANT IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the guide, which includes eulogy samples, examples, templates for the relationship I choose (General, Mother, Father, Grandfather or Grandmother). The guide will be available in PDF and MP3 Audio.
  • I understand that in addition to the main guide, I will also get all of the additional guides, cheat sheets and bonus materials that are mentioned above.
  • I understand I  also get a free writing consultation (email only, 3 emails max) if I need any assistance in my speech writing.
  • I understand that the entire kit and bonus materials are mine to keep, even if for some reason I decide to ask for a full refund.
  • I understand that if I have any problems, I will receive full customer support — usually within 1 hour.


A Few Final Words to Consider…

If you’re like most people, you have some anxiety over this situation…

You foresee yourself standing in front of people, eyes filled with tears.. stumbling over your words.

It does not have to be this way!

Learn how to craft words that celebrate the life of the deceased, heighten the mood of the audience, and deliver something meaningful from the heart. Doing this is not easy to do from scratch – that is why our guide is here to walk you through the process, step-by-step.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you the very best in your eulogy writing process. We’re quite confident that if you put your heart into it, you’ll do your duty well!

And I want to take this time to say congratulations for taking the effort to move forward and do something productive. You see, we talk to a lot of people that want to write great speeches, and I try to help by giving them advice.

But they often go on about their way and they just never produce a speech of their greatest quality. There’s a great quote that 50% of success is just showing up. You’ve showed up — now its time to take action. Good luck!

Our Very Best Wishes to You,

Rev Mark A. Long and Margaret Marquisi, Authors – Eulogies Made Easy

P.S. – Remember, you get EVERYTHING you need in this package — the detailed “Eulogies Made Easy” material, plus the extra books that take you through every part of the eulogy writing process.

It’s like having us right there, guiding you through every second of your eulogy writing process, keeping you on track and eliminating all guesswork. In just a few hours, you’ll be astonished with your results… fully prepared to present the most rewarding speech experience of your life.

Try Eulogies Made Easy Now!

P.P.S. – The last thing I want to do is sell you something that you do not want or need. Remember, if you’re not happy with my eulogy product, just email me and I’ll return your money, no questions asked. You are also allowed to keep the bonus materials for free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Download the risk-free Eulogies Made Easy NOW!

P.P.P.S. – Ever had that feeling that you didn’t “give it your all?”…don’t do this with a eulogy — you and the audience deserve a memorable, life-impacting event…

Remember, a eulogy is both a writing process and a speaking process… and these processes take a bit of time and effort. My guide provides thorough, step-by-step tricks and shortcuts to both of these processes. Click Here to Claim Your Copy Now!